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USDA extends free school meal program through December

Posted Date: 09/17/2020

USDA extends free school meal program through December
Starting Monday September 21st, all students who get a complete meal, breakfast or lunch, can temporarily eat free! 

This temporary benefit will only last while USDA has funding for this Nationwide waiver. 

USDA hopes to extend this benefit until December 31st but it may and probably will end prior to that date.

Meal applications for free and reduced meals can still be turned in during this time and it is advisable to continue to apply for meal benefits so that your children can receive free or reduced meals after this temporary waiver expires. 

Celeste ISD will return to the normal National School Lunch Program when the USDA funding or waiver has expired. Please ensure your family has submitted a current 20-21 school year meal application prior to this expiration happening.