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Thumbnail Image for Article 3500CELESTE ELEMENTARY SPRING MUSICAL - April 15, 2016
Posted Date: 05/02/2016

Celeste Elementary 4th and 5th grade students performed a spring musical featuring recorder ensembles and song favorites.  Under the musical direction of Mrs. Sherry Shelton, the students harmonized popular melodies including favorites such as Texas, Our Texas, This Land is Your Land and Lean On Me.   

Mrs. Shelton has been teaching the students to play recorders throughout the school year, so the students got to play their recorders and share what they had learned by performing favorites such as Walk Like a Mummy, AAA, Baba Ooh Lala, Recorder Shuffle and Hot Cross Buns.  "This precious musical performance was truly a memorable experience for everyone," Celeste Elementary Principal Jenny Martin said.   

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