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Posted Date: 04/12/2017


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Scholarship Winner

Sarah Myers received the L-3 systems FFA & Hunt County Fair Scholarship. She was chosen from many qualified applicants based on FFA involvement, academic achievement, school activities, etc. She received the scholarship on Friday night just before the steer show started. It was in the amount of $2500.00.


Market Broiler Show (40 pens, top 15 make the Sale Of Champions)

Koby Brown - 1st, Grand Champion, Buckle, premium auction

Toby Minter - 3rd, premium auction

Jaycee Brown - 4th, premium auction (pulled out to sell hog)

Tye Jackson - 5th, premium auction

Colton Griffis - 11th, premium auction

Jacklynn Jackson - 12th, premium auction

Carly Felty - 14th, premium auction

Dillan Krodle - 17th (moved up into sale), premium auction

Madisyn Douglas - 18th (moved up into sale), premium auction

Ben Mackey - 29th


Market Goat Show (24 goats made the sale)

Paris Walker - 1st, premium auction

Caitlyn Burke - 1st, premium auction

Karalyn Goodman - 1st, premium auction

Kloe Walker - 2nd

Bree Dalton - participant

Kraven Dalton - participant

Lisa Marie Dalton - participant

Paris Walker - Showmanship Champion, Buckle


Market Rabbits (top 20 made the premium auction)

Mackenzie Minter - 18th, premium auction

Bailee Carter - premium action alternate

Ryan Wade - participant

Toby Minter - participant

Bethany Carter - participant

Brenden Carter - participant

Dusty Soles - participant

Kloe Walker - participant

Paris Walker - participant

Brynn Cummings - participant

Caleigh Cummings - participant

Clayton Riley - participant

Kalyn Riley - participant


Market Hogs (top 36 made the premium auction)

Connor Martin, 1st, Grand Champion Market Hog, premium auction, Buckle

Jaycee Brown, 2nd, premium auction

Shayla Daugherty, 5th, premium auction

Kaden Douglas, 5th, premium auction

Welsey Daugherty, participant

Koby Brown, participant

Bree Dalton, participant

Kraven Dalton, participant

Lisa Marie Dalton, participant


Market Lamb Show (top 22 lambs made the premium auction)

Reid Tallant - 1st, 1st, Grand Champion Market Lamb, Sale of Champions, Buckle

Jaxson Dillard - 1st, 1st, 1st, Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb, Sale of Champions, Buckle

Justin Richey - 2nd, 4th, premium auction

Savannah Stone - 2nd, premium auction

Sarah Myers - 4th, premium auction

Tanner Minter - 5th, premium auction

Morgan Stark - participant

Jacklynn Jackson - participant

Preslee Minter - participant

Haley Wilson - participant

Tanner Minter - Champion Junior Showmanship, Buckle

Justin Richey - Champion Intermediate Showmanship, Buckle


Market Steer Show (Top 16 steers made the premium aucion)

Cassidy Herron - 1st place, premium auction

Britton Evans - 2nd place, premium auction

Carson Herron - 3rd place


Junior Heifer Show

Madisyn Douglas - Grand Champion Star 5 heifer

Kaden Douglas - Reserve Champion Santa Gertrudis, Reserve Champion ARB

Catherine Mackey - 2nd place

Ben Mackey - 2nd place


Agriculture Mechanics

Dillan Krodle - 18 ft bumper pull trailer, Reserve Grand Champion Overall


Ag Mechanics Buildoff

Garrett Warren, Dillan Krodle, Jeff Mullins - 8th place


Junior Livestock Judging Contest

Team #1 - Cassidy Herron, Jaycee Brown, Britton Evans, Morgan Stark - Champion Team, 1st place team, all received Champion Buckles

Team #2 - Justin Richey, Kloe Walker, Koby Brown, Carson Herron - 2nd place overall team

Team #3 - Paris Walker, Savannah Stone, Preslee Minter, Carolyn Goodman - 4th overall team


Kloe Walker - High Individual of Junior Contest

Carolyn Goodman - 2nd High Individual of Junior Contest


Celeste Junior FFA had 7 of the top 10 individuals


Queens Contest

Shayla Daugherty

Princess Contest

Madisyn Douglas