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Softball Is Here!  Softball Is Here!

Celeste Lady Blue Devils

It’s greatest time of the year!  Softball season is here and all of our hard work is about to be put on display!  I have enclosed our current schedule!  Please know that with weather, at times this will change!  I try to keep this updated, but at times I just have no choice!  You will also see on the schedule some dates that I am still trying to fill games!  I had cancellations, and it’s been next to impossible to fill them.  I am stil trying to fill them and add games to get a full schedule! 

I have ordered Practice T-Shirts ($15.00) and Pullovers ($30.00) that all players are required to purchase.  The T-Shirts are already being worn at practice everyday, and the pullovers I am hoping will be in before long.  For people who ordered the other items, those items will be in soon as well!  I will need some of the payment before your child gets their items. 

Current Schedules:

Varsity Schedule

Junior Varsity Schedule

Community Tournament Pool Play Schedule

Cooper Tournament Pool Play Schedule