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Thumbnail Image for Article 2129CELESTE FFA ADVANCES 5 TEAMS TO AREA - Nov 4, 2013
Posted Date: 01/20/2016



Celeste FFA participated in the District IV Leadership Contest on November 14th and advanced 5 teams to the Area competition.


There were 26 Celeste FFA students that competed in one or more events, and all 26 moved on to the Area contest.  Celeste FFA competed against every school in Hunt and Kaufman Counties.  Each year at  the conclusion of the contest all the points for each event entered are added up, and a Sweepstakes Award is given to the top 3 schools.  Of the 18 schools in the contest, Celeste tied with Commerce for 2nd overall in the Sweepstake Award.  

Senior Chapter Conducting (1st Place and Advancing to Area)

Sarah Myers                                    President

Katelynn Clark                                Vice President

Emily Shaw                                      Secretary

Devon Jackson                                Treasurer

Haley Willmon                                 Reporter

Caroline Cairns                                Sentinel

Paige Stark                                        Student Advisor

Sierra Rector                                    Member

Trenton Daugherty                         Member

Hannah Lipsey                                  Member


Junior Chapter Conducting (2nd Place and Advancing to Area)

Lindsay Thompson                        President

Shayla Daugherty                           Vice President

Madison Minter                             Secretary

Myranda Kittelson                         Treasurer

Catherine Mackey                          Reporter

Katlynn Trantham                           Sentinel

Emily Bowles                                   Student Advisor

Carly Felty                                        Member


Radio Broadcast (2nd Place and Advancing to Area)

Micah McCaslin

Michala Moree

Jordan Wright


Agriculture Advocacy Presentation (2nd Place and Advancing to Area)

Chris Moore

Austin Moore

Richard Horton

Gary Casey

Abby Collida

Junior Quiz Contest (1st out of 13 teams and Advancing on to Area)

Shayla Daugherty

Catherine Mackey

Lindsay Thompson

Katlynn Trantham


Senior Quiz Contest (3rd out of 14 teams)

Haley Willmon

Katelynn Clark

Gary Casey

Sarah Myers


Job Interview Contest (4th Place)

Abby Collida


Junior Creed Speaking (10th Place)

Myranda Kittelson


Senior Creed (5th Place)

Jordan Wright

Sweepstakes Award

1. North Forney

2. Celeste, Commerce (resulted in a tie, no tie breaker, both schools awarded 2nd)

3. Bland