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Thumbnail Image for Article 21377th Grade Boys Track Team Wins 1st Place! - Mar 22, 2013
Posted Date: 01/08/2016


7th Grade Boys Track Team Wins 1st Place!

The CJHS Track Team participated in the Honey Grove Junior High Track Meet on March 22, 2013.


Results from Honey Grove 7th Grade Division Track Meet:
400 M Relay: 2nd -Celeste
110 M Hurdles: 2nd- Ben Lewis, 4th - Nathanael Nix, 5th-  Jacob Sullivan
100 M: 1st - Joshua Archer, 5th-Chad Amico
800 M Relay: 4th -Celeste
400 M: 3rd- Christopher Jordan, 4th- Ben Lewis
300 M Hurdles:  3rd - Nathanael Nix, 4th- Jacob Sullivan
200 M: 1st-Joshua Archer, 2nd- Justin Creed, 3rd- Chad Amico
Celeste 7th Grade - 1st Place Team!