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CES UIL 2010 Winners - Jan 26, 2011

Posted Date: 01/18/2016

CES UIL 2010 Winners - Jan 26, 2011

CES UIL 2010 Winners

Celeste Elementary places 3rd in 2010 District UIL


Celeste Elementary placed 3rd overall in district UIL competition.  The competition was held at Sam Rayburn ISD on December 2nd and 3rd.  Congratulations to all Celeste Elementary participants and coaches.  The 2010 UIL coaches were Regina Kent, Evangelyn Jordan, Kim Rhoden, Shana Bennett and UILCoordinator Karen Crutcher.  The CES individual and team results are as follows:


3rd Grade:


Ready Writing:  3rd place -  Samantha Porter

Spelling:  2nd place - Samantha Porter  

               6th place - Jaycee Brown 

              Team 3rd place - Samantha Porter, Jaycee Brown, Madison Watkins

Story Telling:  1st place - Madison Watkins


4th Grade:


Art:  1st place - Megan Sherwin

        5th place - Charley Beth Lane

        Team 2nd place - Charley Beth Lane, Megan Sherwin, Chance Brown, Adam Bell

Number Sense:  3rd place - Chance Brown

Oral Reading:  2nd place - Dylan Hicks

Ready Writing:  2nd place - Dallas Wilburn

                       3rd place - Charley Beth Lane

                       4th place - Megan Sherwin

Spelling: Team 3rd place - Charley Beth Lane, Dylan Hicks, Chance Brown


5th Grade:


Art:  2nd place - Hannah Porter

        4th place - Katie Gatliff

        Team 2nd place - Jessi Bennett, Katie Gatliff, Alana Pearce, Hannah Porter, Ben Lewis

Dictionary:  Team 3rd place - Garrett Warren, DeAnna Powell, Nathanael Nix

Listening:  3rd place - Sarah Smart

Ready Writing:  3rd place - Jessi Bennett

Spelling:  4th place - Shelby Tenney

Social Studies:  2nd place - Garrett Warren

                       6th place - Katie Gatliff

                       Team 3rd place - Garrett Warren, Katie Gatliff, Alana Pearce

Maps, Graphs, and Charts:  1st place - Nathanael Nix

                                        Team 3rd place - Nathanael Nix, Garrett Warren, Katie Gatliff