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Posted Date: 08/23/2016

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Celeste High School has a new Blue Devil mascot, and he is looking for a name.   The Celeste Athletic Booster Club is selling chances to name the mascot for $1.  All name suggestions will be considered by the booster club, and the name will be announced very soon at a home game.  The new mascot was revealed at the Meet the Blue Devils Night on Tues. August 16.  Joshua Archer, a Celeste High School junior, decided this past spring that he would like to tryout, and he was the chosen one.  "I am proud to represent the history, traditions and spirit of the Blue Devils, and I will work hard to inspire the Blue Devil spirit at games and throughout the school year," Archer said.    

The Blue Devil emblem dates back to World War I. There was a regiment of soldiers, composed of the youth of France, which was known as the "Blue Devils." Only the strongest, both mentally and physically, could pass the rigid examination before he could become a "Blue Devil." They wore a royal blue uniform trimmed in white.  

According to the Blue and White Committee who wrote Memories in Blue and White: History of Celeste Schools, it is not known exactly when Celeste High School became the Celeste Blue Devils. In the late 1930s, former Celeste Superintendent J. Garland Roach was instrumental in the selection of the mascot for the school.  Mr. Roach served in France during WWI, and it is said that he was deeply impressed with these young soldiers. 

A true Blue Devil stands for everything that is high and noble, and destroys with his pitchfork all that is weak, little and degrading. Just as the Blue Devils of France established a world-wide reputation during the war as the hardest fighters and cleanest soldiers, so are the Celeste students establishing a statewide reputation for teams that never quit playing, and students who never quit being courteous and hospitable. 

According to The Blue and White Committee, the first Blue Devil mascot appeared in 1930, and was referred to as the Blue Devilena.  In 1948, Frank Walker, was the first "Little Blue Devil".  He stood along the sidelines with the football team. Misti Kea was the first high school mascot in 1991, and this tradition continued until 2000.  It has been sixteen years since the Blue Devil mascot has been on the sidelines of a Celeste High School football game. Celeste ISD is very excited to once again have a Blue Devil mascot that will lead, energize and inspire Blue Devil fans to come together and have fun while cheering on our home team!  Come out and join our new Blue Devil mascot for the first home game of the season on Friday, August 26, 2016.

Thank you Blue and White Committee!    
Memories in Blue and White: History of Celeste Schools (Pages 90-94) by the Blue and White Committee