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Posted Date: 03/08/2017

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The Celeste High School Art Walk will feature over three hundred original student works.  Student art such as abstract, charcoal, graphite, scratch art, landscape, portrait, still life and sculptures will be on display in the high school.

Spotlight on CHS Senior Art Students: 

Luke Babers: Senior, AP Art
Joker (Colored Pencil 12x18” Series) “I am pretty good at art, working quickly, and creating a lot of portraits. I have done a joker every year and this project is my Grand Finale.

Victoria Fuller:  Senior, Art IV

Still Life (Mixed Media Collage 18x24”) “My drawing looked bad so I cut it out and glued it on black paper. I then started experimenting with the addition of new elements to give a different look that was less flat.” 

William Reynolds-Guerra: Senior, Art IV
Letterman (Colored Pencil 12x18”) “Playing varsity golf and getting my letter jacket as a freshman meant a lot to me. I am looking forward to competing again this year as a senior.”

Maddie Minter: Senior, Art IV
Globe (Watercolor 18x24”) “Out of all the different media I love watercolor the most. I can control the consistency of the colors using different amounts of water. It is also easier for me to fix any mistakes.”

Scarlett Rogers: Senior, AP Art
A Day out West (Acrylic 12x36”) A friend of mine took this picture at a buffalo ranch in Pottsboro. These creatures are magnificent. I enjoy making western themed artwork and wanted to recreate this beautiful scene in paint.”

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