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Celeste FFA Leadership News

Posted Date: 06/05/2018

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Celeste FFA is being represented on the district and area level by two very hard-working young ladies.  Jaycee Brown was recently elected as the 2018-2019 District 2 Vice-President, and Kambrie Hogue was elected as the 2018-2019 Area 5 Treasurer.  Jaycee and Kambrie both went through a series of interviews, written tests and each had to make a speech in front of FFA members and be voted on by FFA voting delegates.  Congratulations to these two Celeste FFA members. 

District FFA Meeting
2018-2019 Incoming District 2 Vice-President Jaycee Brown and Area 5 Treasurer Kambrie Hogue

District FFA Meeting
District 2 Convention – first meeting of the new district

voting delegates Area 5
Area 5 voting courtesy corps volunteers 

area 5 convention
Area 5 Convention

area 5 convention
Area 5 Convention voting delegates 

area 5 convention
Area 5 Convention attendees