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Celeste Golf & Track Athletes Compete at Regionals

Posted Date: 05/03/2019

Celeste Golf & Track Athletes Compete at Regionals

Celeste High School boys and girls athletics were busy this week participating in regional events.  Both golf and track teams represented Celeste very well. Golf athletes Jake Tomlinson, Caden Lewis, Blaine Noack, Kaleb Smith, Jared Sherwin, Bree Dalton, Chelsea Young, Kloe Walker, Raegan Sumrow, Mackenzie Minter, Jaycee Brown and Trinity Downs competed at the Old Brickyard Golf Course in Ferris on April 22-23.  Congratulations to these athletes on a great season. Later that week on April 25-26, track athletes Dusty Soles, Keeley Jurca, Savannah Stone, Liberty Pearce, Mackenzie Minter, Kalea Dalton, Renee Gray, Chelsea Young, Heather Hudson, Samara Buckley, Jace Givens, Jalen Rector, Truitt Murphy, Zakyrn Jackson, Seth Buckley, Thomas Powell, Malachi Buckley, Tyson Fielden, Michael Huddleston and Jeffrey Mullins competed at the Regional Meet which was held in Springtown.  Dusty Soles placed 3rd in the 800M Run and Jalen Rector placed 4th in the 100M Dash. Congrats to all the athletes for a very successful season.

Regional Golf - Girls

Regional Golf - Boys

Dusty Soles 3rd place 800M Regional