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Hunt County 2019 Fair Results

Posted Date: 09/11/2019

Hunt County 2019 Fair Results

The Hunt County Fair has come and gone, and Celeste FFA members did an outstanding job in all areas of the junior livestock shows and the creative arts contests.  Celeste was well represented by the hardworking, dedicated and passionate members of the Celeste FFA.  During the ten day event, FFA students participated in the junior livestock show which included showing cattle, chickens, goats, rabbits, hogs, Ag Mech projects, sheep and the livestock judging contest.  Students also participated in creative arts contests which included cooking, baking, sewing, making salsa and baking with chocolate.  Several students also volunteered to help at special needs student day at the fair.  Highlights of the fair included Celeste winning HCF Queen, Grand Champion Market Broilers, Fryers, Lamb and three showmanship awards.  The junior livestock judging team won first, and Madisyn Douglas won the overall award in the creative arts baking division.  CHS senior, Jaxson Dillard, was also the recipient of a $1,000 Hunt County Fair Phil Garrett Scholarship.  Celeste FFA had a very successful week at the fair and a big thank you goes out to all the parents, grandparents, friends and community members for supporting us! 

Hunt County Fair 2019: Sale of Champions (Photo Gallery)

Here are the individual results:

Queen and Princess Contest, Friday, April 19 (Photo Gallery)
Kambrie Hogue - Hunt County Fair 2019 Queen
Madisyn Douglas - Princess’ Court

Hunt County Fair 2019 - Queen

Junior Heifer Show Friday, April 19 -  Saturday, April 20 (Photo Gallery)
Madisyn Douglas - Grand Champion Star 5
Kaden Douglas - Grand Champion Santa Gertrudis
Raegan Sumrow - Grand & Reserve Champion Red Brahman Heifers
Raegan Sumrow – Grand Champion American & Overall Champion Heifer

Hunt County Fair 2019 - Heifers
Overall Champion Heifer

Market Goat Show - Monday, April 22 (Photo Gallery)
Paris Walker – 1st, 3rd, Sale of Champions

Karalyn Goodman – 2nd, 6th, Sale of Champions

Tess Duckworth – 3rd, Sale of Champions

Bree Dalton - Participant

Lisa Dalton – Participant

Hunt County Fair 2019 - Goats

1st Place Goat

Market Broiler Show – Monday, April 22 (Photo Gallery)
Jacklynn Jackson – 8th, Sale of Champions

Jaycee Brown - Participant

Koby Brown – Grand Champion, Sale of Champions

Tye Jackson - Alternate

Madisyn Douglas - Participant

Justin Douglas – 14th, Sale of Champions

Toby Minter – 4th, Sale of Champions

Ethan Morel – Participant

Mackenzie Minter – Participant

Hunt County Fair 2019 - Broilers
Grand Champion Market Broilers

Market Fryers - Tuesday, April 23 (Photo Gallery)

Mackenzie Minter – Participant, Senior Showmanship

Bethany Carter - Participant

Brenden Carter - Participant

Dusty Soles - Alternate

Kloe Walker - Participant

Paris Walker – 11th

Brynn Cummings - Participant

Caleigh Cummings – 10th, Sale of Champions

Morgan Stark - Participant

Maddison Hill - Participant

Makinna Hill – Grand Champion, Sale of Champions

Brailyn Hise – 7th, Sale of Champions

Gabriel Becken - Participant

Savana Qualls - Participant

Samantha Glenn - Participant

Hannah Brown - Participant

Kain Bell - Participant

Hunt County Fair 2019 - Fryers
Grand Champion Market Fryers
Hunt County Fair 2019 - Fryers Showmanship
Rabbit Showmanship Award

Market Hogs - Tuesday, April 23 (Photo Gallery)

Jaycee Brown – 2nd, Sale of Champions

Madisyn Douglas – 5th, Sale of Champions

Hunter Bolton – 5th, Sale of Champions

Hunt County Fair 2019 - Hogs
2nd Place Hog 

Hunt County Fair 2019 - Hog Showmanship
Hog Showmanship Award

Market Lambs - Wednesday, April 24

Jaxson Dillard – Grand Champion, 2nd, 1st, Sale of Champions

Justin Richey – 1st, 3rd, 4th, Sale of Champions

Preslee Minter – 7th, Intermediate Showmanship 

Savannah Stone - Participant

Kloe Walker – 3rd, 5th, Sale of Champions

Jerret Stone – 3rd, Participant

Kalyn Riley – 2nd, Sale of Champions

Clayton Riley - Participant

Kambrie Hogue – 2nd, Sale of Champions

Sierra Qualls – 8th, Sale of Champions

Hunt County Fair 2019 - Lambs
Grand Champion Market Lamb
Hunt County Fair 2019 - Sheep Showmanship
Sheep Showmanship Award

Ag Mechanics - Wednesday, April 24 (Photo Gallery)

James Blankenship – 1st

Sydney Ford – 2nd

David Goodman – 5th

Marissa Thomas - Participant

Hunt County Fair 2019 - Ag Mech
1st place Ag Mech Project

Hunt County Fair 2019 - Ag Mech
Blue Ribbon Ag Mech Projects

Special Needs Day Volunteers (Photo Gallery)
Bethany Carter, Josie Crossland, Cassie Russell and Kambrie Hogue

Hunt County Fair 2019 - Special Needs Day

Livestock Judging Contest - Friday, April 26 (Photo Gallery)

Jaxson Dillard

Jaycee Brown – 10th

Kloe Walker

Raegan Sumrow – 6th

Justin Richey

Paris Walker – 5th

Koby Brown – 3rd

Madisyn Douglas – 11th

1st Place Junior Team: Paris Walker, Koby Brown, Madisyn Douglas

2nd Place Senior Team: Jaxson Dillard, Jaycee Brown, Kloe Walker, Raegan Sumrow

Hunt County Fair 2019 - Livestock Judging
Livestock Judging Senior & Junior Teams
Hunt County Fair 2019 - 1st Place Junior Team
1st place Junior Livestock Judging Team

Creative Arts Division
Madisyn Douglas enjoys cooking, sewing and photography.  Inspired by family traditions, Madisyn is soaking up every bit of vintage life that she possibly can!  She believes that many old-fashioned skills such as homemaking, sewing and crocheting have a place in her modern life.  There is no doubt that that learning these skills can be incredibly handy not to mention rewarding as Madisyn won multiple awards for her entries as well as a Cuisinart ice cream maker for being the Hunt County Fair overall winner in the 8-13 age division.  Here are her individual results:

Spring Theme Cake - 3rd
King Arthur Cookies -2nd, 3rd
Chocolate Contest - 1st Supreme and a Blue Rosette
Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake -3rd

Fruit Salsa - 1st Supreme and Blue Rosette,
Tomato Based Salsa -1st Supreme
Vegetable Salsa -2nd

Lemon Cookies - 1st Supreme and Blue Rosette, 2nd Excellent and Pink Rosette
Cowboy Boots Crochet 1st and Blue Rosette 
Crochet Scarf - 2nd
Antique Cast Iron 1930's - 1st and Blue Rosette 
Antique 1950 Salt Box - 2nd
Antique 1930 Nut Chopper - 3rd
Black and White Photo - 1st
Tree Blooming Photo - 2nd
Calf Photo - 3rd
Overall Winner in 8 to 13 age group
Hunt County Fair 2019 - Creative Arts
Overall Creative Arts Winner in Age 8-13 Group

Hunt County Fair Phil Garrett $1,000 Scholarship Recipient
Jaxson Dillard

Hunt County Fair 2019 - Phil Garret Scholarship Recipient