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Class of 2019 Scholarship Ceremony

Posted Date: 09/11/2019

Class of 2019 Scholarship Ceremony

The Celeste High School Class of 2019 held a scholarship and awards ceremony on Tuesday, May 21, 2019.  Special guests in attendance included Terry Hicks with the presentation of the Veterans Memorial Scholarship to Dylan Hicks, U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class Phillips presented Michael Huddleston with a 3 year U.S. Army ROTC National Scholarship in the amount of $50,400, Anthony Kasper presented Jaxson Dillard with a Heritage Land Bank Scholarship, Craig Adamson presented the Jordan Casey Wright Foundation Scholarship to Caden Lewis and Celeste High School Beta Club Sponsor, Lisa York, presented the Beta Club Scholarship to Chance Brown, Megan Sherwin, Caden Lewis, Stefani Hudson, and Katelynn Dunn.  Celeste High School is so fortunate to have such a generous and supportive community which helps to fund seniors as they chase their dreams. Here is a list of recipients:

Class of 2019 Scholarship Ceremony Photo Gallery

2019 Celeste High School Scholarship Recipients

Veterans Scholarship - Dylan Hicks

Army ROTC - Michael Huddleston

Heritage Land Bank - Jaxson Dillard

Greenville Daybreak Rotary - Caden Lewis

Jordan Casey Wright Memorial - Caden Lewis

CHS Beta Club - Megan Sherwin, Chance Brown, Caden Lewis, Stefani Hudson, Katie Dunn

First Bank of Celeste (Salutatorian) - Chance Brown

First Bank of Celeste (Valedictorian) - Megan Sherwin

Judge Terry & Vonda Douglas - Jaxson Dillard, Dylan Hicks, Jalen Rector, Peyton Rogers

Celeste Insurance Agency - Peyton Rogers

City of Celeste - Bethany Carter, Josie Crossland, Truitt Murphy

Robyn Little Memorial -Caden Lewis, Keaton Fielden, Jace Givens, Caden Lewis, Jalen Rector

Celeste Alumni - Bree Dalton, Ryan Wade

Jackie Jackson Memorial - Jacklynn Jackson

Raymond Harrison Memorial - Chance Brown

Classes of the 1960s - Holley Story

Blue Devil Pride - Jaxson Dillard, Dylan Hicks, Stefani Hudson, Keeley Jurca, Caden Lewis, Trinity Oslin

Becky Perkins Curts Memorial- Leslie Esquivel

Dr. Joe G. Roach Memorial - Megan Sherwin

Scholarship Ceremony 2019