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Difficult Week for Celeste FFA Members

Posted Date: 04/21/2020

Difficult Week for Celeste FFA Members

It is a difficult week for many Celeste FFA members as well as many 4-H and FFA members across Hunt County.  Normally, this week (Apr. 17-25) would be full of hustling and bustling on the grounds of the Hunt County Fair.  With excitement, anticipation and hope, Celeste FFA members would have been putting the final touches on their county animals and preparing them for show day at the Hunt County Fair.  Who could have guessed that the 2020 Hunt County Fair would just not happen?  No concerts, no great food, no midway and worst of all, no livestock show!  No one could have imagined that so many hearts would be broken and so many would be disappointed because of Covid19 closures.  2020 Senior Celeste FFA members, Jaycee Brown, Karalyn Goodman, Maddie Hill, Regan Leroy, Mackenzie Minter, Clayton Riley, and Morgan Stark will have to say goodbye to the fair and their animals that they have come to love with no closure.  We will never know the 2020 Hunt County Fair Sale of Champions list, but we all join together and share the feeling of disappointment, heartache and loss.  They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it helps us realize things that we may have taken for granted.  Let us honor and recognize all the people that make the fair happen each year and to the students and families that work hard and invest hours of time into their livestock projects looking forward to this annual event.  The 2020 fair may have been cancelled, but hope is not!  The 2021 champions are being born as we speak, and we will all look forward to the Hunt County Fair 2021!  Congratulations to all the senior Celeste FFA members.  We know all of you have a great future ahead!

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