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Say "Boo" to Drugs! & Contest Results

Posted Date: 11/03/2020


Celeste High School students had some fun on Friday, October 30, 2020, by participating in a costume contest and pumpkin decorating contest.  A first, second and third place winner will be chosen from each class and the results will be announced on Monday, Nov. 2.  Winners will receive a Sonic gift card.  Students that entered the pumpkin contest had to decorate an uncarved pumpkin with paint, material or any other creative ideas. Prizes for the most creative design (first-third) will be given out on Monday, Nov. 2.  The events supported the Drug Free theme of the day, Say “Boo” to Drugs.  

Costume Contest Results


1st Place – Bella Guajardo as Dracula

2nd Place – Connor Jordan as Jack Skellington

3rd Place – Mason Walker as T-Rex


1st Place – Demee Mize as The Plague Doctor

2nd Place – Julisa Montezuma as Billie Eilish

3rd Place – Kayleigh Gentry as Scarecrow


1st Place – Dylan Tenney as Willy Wonka

2nd Place – Kasey Paulson as A Cow


1st Place – Bethany Ward as The Demon

2nd Place TIE – Alonda Orduna and Melanie Brown as The Anime Maids

2nd Place TIE – Renee Grey as Little Red Riding Hood

3rd Place – Matthew Bates, Jared Sherwin, and Osvaldo Esquivel as Napoleon Dynamite, Uncle Rico, and Pedro

Pumpkin Decorating Contest Results

1st Place – Faolin Wilhelm with her Little Shop of Horrors “Audrey II” pumpkin

2nd Place – Kristen Bates with her Maleficent pumpkin

3rd Place – Kylie Melton with her Autumn Leaves pumpkin

Say Boo to Drugs

Say Boo to Drugs

Say Boo to Drugs

Say Boo to Drugs

Say Boo to Drugs Pumpkin Contest

Say Boo to Drugs Pumpkin Contest