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2021 Eighth Grade Graduation

Posted Date: 05/26/2021

 2021 Eighth Grade Graduation

Celeste Junior High School held an eighth grade graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 20, 2021.  The students were recognized for their achievements in completing coursework to move onto high school.  Following the processional, Kennedy Adamson gave the invocation.  Principal Staci Beadles announced the top graduates Valedictorian Lauren Tenney and Salutatorian Sarah Hawkins.  Chris Barnard, Celeste ISD School Board President, was the guest speaker and CISD School Board Secretary, John McDaniel, presented the graduates with their diplomas.  Special highlights from the ceremony included Caelin Henderson and Maddision Downs singing a song for the graduating class, and Tess Duckworth reading a poem that she had written for the special occasion.  Justin Douglas read the benediction to close the ceremony. 

2021 Eighth Grade Graduation Photo Gallery

8th Grade Graduation


An 8th Grade graduation poem:

By: Tess Duckworth


Remember when we first came here, so long ago

It feels like just yesterday that we began to call this home

We’ve made our mark upon it

And risen memories from our soul

So believe it or not, you know it’s hard to let go.


Years from now I know we’ll reminiscent

About all the good and the bad

And remember that these were some of the best years, that we’ve ever had

But we still have far to go

High school is just the next big step

And no matter how unprepared your parents, or you, are

It’s something we’ll all learn to accept


What will you miss most

And what will you regret?

How many memories were made here

That you know you’ll never forget?

High school is upon us

And so is drama ahead

I just hope that no matter what happens

We’ll never see bloodshed


But I suppose, we’re already used to conflict

Whether it be from nameless bullies

Or rumors that afflict

Derogatory phrases

Or maybe just being the last one picked


Middle school wasn’t easy

And no one can lie that it was

But it has made us much more resilient

When, well, just because…


We’re gonna miss this place

Long after the time we leave

We’ll remember our favorite memories

That we will gladly embrace

And even those who shame us, that we’d rather not face


This school has been our home

Since grade six

Even if you don’t accept it

Leaving makes us sick

Though high school is exciting

It’s always anxiety prone

So let’s just hope we learn to relax enough

To make high school our new home…

8th Grade Graduation

8th Grade Graduation

8th Grade Graduation

8th Grade Graduation