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Thumbnail Image for Article 2183BLUE DEVIL POWERLIFTERS CLAIM 2ND PLACE - Jan 28, 2013
Posted Date: 01/19/2016



Lady Blue Devils Take 4th Place in the Celeste High School Powerlifting Competition on Jan. 19, 2013


Celeste High School Powerlifting Meet 
January 19, 2013
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Team Awards:
Blue Devils – 2nd Overall
Lady Blue Devils - 4th Overall

CHS Powerlifting award winners:
1st Place Erica Jordan
2nd Place Katelynn Clark
3rd Place Sabrina Chambliss
3rd Place Devon Jackson 
1st Place Rickey Lewis
1st Place Sam Chambliss
1st Place Jace Pallan
2nd Place Dalton Benson
4th Place Colton Blackstock
5th Place Garrett Sullivan
Participant - Johnny Amaro
Participant - Dillon Krodle
Participant - Tim Riskey

CHS Powerlifting Weight Class Results 

Results from Anna High School Powerliftin Meet on Sat. Jan. 12, 2013.
Top Lifters: Sam Chambliss lifted a total of 960 pounds and Erica Jordan lifted a total of 560 pounds!


Boles Powerlifting Meet- Jan. 26, 2013:

1st Place medal winners:
Katelynn Clark
Sabrina Chambliss
Jace Pallan
Rickey Lewis

2nd Place medal winners:
Erica Jordan
Dalton Benson

3rd Place medal winners:
Garrett Sullivan
Sam Chambliss

4th Place medal winners:
Dillan Krodle
Johnny Amaro