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Thumbnail Image for Article 2190X-C VARSITY GIRLS ADVANCE TO REGIONALS - Oct 24, 2012
Posted Date: 01/19/2016



Varsity Girls Cross Country Team will compete at regionals on Nov. 3 in Humble, Texas. See the district results below.


Varsity Girls:  2nd Place Team-  Regional Qualifers!

Madalyne Pearce- 3rd

Haley Trentham- 5th

Rachel Myers- 6th

Morgan Lewis- 25th

Carly Collida- 40th



JV Girls: 1st Place Team!
(top 10 received a medal) 

Abby Collida- 7th

Sarah Myers- 10th

Caroline Cairns- 11th

Devon Jackson-13th

Kayla Evans- 14th

Tiffany Crossland- 15th

Jessica Turnbaugh- 17th

Hannah Lipsey- 18th



JH Girls:  1st Place Team!

(top 20 received a medal)

Jessi Bennett- 2nd 
Mason McCord- 10th

Alana Pearce- 12th

Deanna Balencia- 16th

Madison Minter- 21st

Samantha Horton- 38th


JH Boy

Nathaneal Nix- 38th


Varisty Boys 

Wyatt Durham- 26th

Richard Horton- 28th

Justin Bennett- 37th

Andy Durham- 41st