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Posted Date: 01/18/2016



8th Grade CJHS Girls Track Team Wins District!


The District Junior High Girls Track Meet was held in Wolfe City on March 31, 2011.

8th Grade Results - 1st Place in District

Shot:  2nd Hannah Moore


Long Jump:  4th Devon Jackson

                   6th Breanna Heuber


High Jump:  1st Sam Coyle

                  2nd Paige Stark


Triple Jump:  1st Emily Shaw

                    2nd Abbi Collida


4 X 100 Relay:  1st Celeste (Jackson, Heuber, Dillingham, Willmon)


800m:  3rd Abbi Collida

           5th Caroline Cairns

            6th Sam Coyle


100m Hurdles:  4th Ann Rouleau


100m Dash:  2nd Breanna Heuber


4 X 200 Relay:  2nd Celeste (Clark, Stark, Jackson, Moore)


400m Dash:  1st Haley Willmon

                   3rd Alyssa Dillingham


300m Hurdles:  3rd Katelyn Clark


200m:  3rd Hannah Moore


4 X 400 Relay  1st Celeste (Dillingham,Jackson, Heuber, Willmon)