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CHS Semester Test Schedule Spring 2022

Posted Date: 05/10/2022

CHS Semester Test Schedule Spring 2022



Seniors Have to be here the last week


Students will be required to stay in the testing rooms all period.

Student records must be cleared of lunch charges and any other fines or charges before testing or release of grade.


Grades 9-12 may be exempted from semester tests counting toward their overall semester grade according to the following guidelines:


  • Students shall have at least an 87 course average to be exempt.
  • No more than three days of absences shall be allowed for exemptions, none of which may be unexcused. Three tardies equal one absence.
  • The campus principal may deny any exemption request because of disciplinary action against a student during the semester.




Exempted students’ semester grades shall be calculated by averaging the two nine week’s grades and their semester exam only if the semester exam raises their overall average.


  • Each teacher will inform the students if they are exempt or not.
  • Students that are exempted must report to class and take the test.